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About Kate

I'm a literary professional specializing in audiobook narration. With a keen understanding of cadence and tone, I bring stories to life. My articulate delivery, neutral American accent, and focus ensure the author's voice and distinct character personalities shine through in every recording.

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May 6, 2024

Thrilled to Narrate 'Whispers in the Wind'!

I'm excited to announce my latest project – narrating the thrilling mystery novel 'Whispers in the Wind' by acclaimed author Jeff Ha. Stay tuned for updates and the release date on Audible! #audiobooknarrator #mysterynovel #newproject

May 3, 2024

The Power of Pauses in Audiobook Narration

In my recent blog post, I delve into the importance of strategic pauses in audiobook narration. Learn how to use silence to enhance suspense, emphasis, and emotional impact. [Link to blog post] #audiobooks #narrationtips

April 29, 2024

Why I fell in love with Audiobook Narration

Today, I'm sharing my personal journey of discovering the magic of audiobook narration. From my love of storytelling to the joy of bringing characters to life... #audiobooks #passionproject

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I am currently accepting new projects. Please use the form below to get in touch with me. I would be pleased to turn your written words into a marketplace-ready audio experience.